[Translation] Chinen Yuuri - NYC Part Potato 0910

Eh never written a letter. But I received one. When I was in 2nd grade, they said they never carry a very treasured to school. At that time, there was a girl who brings a toy dog it appreciated the letter. It's nostalgic. Recently, I received my birthday card. I would be very happy if people give a gift with a message inside. I'm not an expert in textmail, so I will not. I feel happy too when I get textmails in the days of the year again. I think "This person is cool! First!" When I get textmails arrive exactly at 24:00 (laughs). I feel satisfied with the first person to send me a textmail on my birthday. I will also send textmails friends' birthdays.

Love Letter

A: My future girlfriend ...
What do you think of me?
Because we are not yet, maybe you do not know about me
So, I'll explain.
My general is that I can speak with ease,
If I can talk to you, I would be happy.
Because of this, please talk to me in a proactive and consistent.
So if we later
quepensaría believe in you forever.
If you always think of me too, I feel very happy.
So I think I'll really want to go to the hot springs in Kyuushu,
let's go there together
After that, I will feel like a VIP seat next to me when,
I will then mail a mailbox just for you.
If your preference for fashion is not the same as mine, doubtless will accept.
But then with time, I see you with elegant dresses.
However, it would be good if you do not mess with me.
Please do not change.
Then, it might be bigger than mine (laughs).
I will fight to wear boots,
I will fight as much as possible to have,
so you can use taco when we go!

Chinen Yuuri

To: Kei-chan Inoo
Before half a year,
I have to tell this
Inoo Kei-chan is very lucky!
But because,
I like Kei-chan Inoo
I guess you can not avoid.
Although you said the truth
His way of saying it is luck.
But that's okay! (Laughter)
Kei-chan Inoo often
always makes me smile.

A: The people in front of the statue of Hachiko in Shibuya now
I am surprised when I see the news
about the match Japan in the World Cup.
But after that, it still has flaws,
I think it would be good if you look at them.
It's a great joy that there is the World Cup so far
Football fans, you still want to resist there?
If there are people who is still excited by the world cup
Why not take place principally as the statue of Hachiko?
For the sake of people who want to date there
Please highlight the statue of Hachiko.

A: A Friend
Before that, at the time you had vacation
I feel that the classes are very boring ...
On the other hand, I feel alone ....
As I thought, if you come,
I think the class will become the kind of truth.
You are already going back to school soon.
I'm eager for that day.
So please, do not hold the interest in the idol girl group,
From time to time, keep the interest in NYC and Hey! Say! JUMP also ...
That's it!

cd : [ ♥ Funny Ai ♥ ]

Translated : Asian Lover'Z ^ Yuki_Ryosuke