[Download]{pics} HSJ TV Fan 0810

wuaaaahhh kakkkkkkkoooiiiiiii my husbaaaannnddddddddddddd (>///<)
xixixi XD...


[Download]{album & Pics} Super Junior - The 4th Album & Images Repackage

Super junior images repackage

Super Junior - The 4th Album Repackage

Tracklist :

02 너 같은 사람 또 없어 (No Other)

03 Shake It Up! (Remix Ver.)

04 진심 (All My Heart)

05 여행 (A Short Journey)

cd : KOreanPOP

[Download]{pics}Jae, yoochun, junsu – HOT CHILIPAPER Vol.59

cd : KoreanPop - Asian Lover'Z

[Download]{pics} Hey Say 7 WEST - Myojo Aug2010

wuaaaahhh sugoiiii,,,,,,
sukiii sukiii sukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,,
mukyaaaa yuma-kuuuunnnnnnnn (>///<).....

[Download]{pics}B.A.D Myojo Aug2010

cd : Forever Yamachii & Asian Lover'Z

[Download]{pics} MBLAQ - Jackets Photos Album

cd : Asian Lover'Z

[Download] Wai-Wai HSJ - Chinen Nightmare

cd : Asian Lover'Z

[Download]{pics} SuperNova

cd : AZN

Saengil Chukkae Hamnida - MiKaram

aaaaaaahhh ya ampuuunnnnhnnhhhh Lupaaaaa ngeposssttt,, modem gag ad pLsa.a xixix XD...
mukyaaaaaaaa (>///<).. oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ku yang ganteeeennnnggg nyahahahaha,, SaengiL chukkae hamnida oppa ^o^..... happy b.dayyh ^o^........

wish u aLL d.beSt
xixixixi XDD

[Download]{pics}Memory Ya-Ya-Yah

mukyaaaaaaaaa kangeeenn deh tiap hari sama Ya-Ya-Yah ^o^...
chibi pnya futu-futu mrka yg Lama ^^..
kawaaaaaaiii neeeeeee ><... kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa >///<... Taiyou-kun so kakkoiiiiiiiiiii.... daisuki yo ^o^ nyh chibi pnya futu".a Lw kaLian mauuu ^o^

douzo ^^

cd : Asian Lover'Z (Atashi ^_^)

[News]SNSD DVD for NES in Japan S ♥

With next start in the promotions in Japan, SNSD will release a DVD on August 11 in which seven presented MVs of girls and a special video related to their arrival in Japan as
Under the title "Japan SNSD Arrival Arrival ~ ~ New Beginning Disc Commemoration of Girls' Generation" gather the following videos:

1 .- Into the New World
2 .- Girls' Gneration (So Nyeo Shi Dae)
3 .- Kissing You
4 .- Gee
5 .- Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
6 .- Oh!
7 .- RunDEVILRun
8 .- ~ SNSD Arrival (only available on DVD)

Although nothing is known about the prices but one thing we can say is that there will be two DVD editions, the first containing only the DVD with the videos above and a second package which will come a special edition flashlight (yes those of colors that are the concerts) and of course an entry to the first concert in Japan SNSD in Ariake Colosseum on 25 August

What better way to promote the arrival of SNSD to Japan with a special edition DVD, all S
Nintendo that Japan must prepare Shoujo Jidai (tentative name in Japanese) is coming.

cd : SNSD Mexico

[Download]{pics}Taemin~Minho-100619 KimHeeChul's Youngstreet Public Broadcast

I love the side pot with which u have taken>///<, as the photos are good shots this or not looking at the camera and as always shines so much light and the clothes ~ I love the bracelet he has in his hand with which load the microphone. ^o^

cd : AZN

[NEWS] The Flying Sheep's Cafe bY Yamashita Brothers

Apparently after we left the Johnnys Shoon, and go since February, has opened a blog with which even his brother had been a long time johnny jr. However, both left the company. The "Yamashita Brothers have opened a blog called flying sheep's cafe.

After the huge scandal, tears and depression that left the company Shoon has returned to greet his fans, we must remember that Shoon since 2003 formed part of the Ya Ya Yah with Yabu Kota
and Hikaru Yaotome(Hey! Say! JUMP). dissolved the group but happened to be junior Shoon no group, and rarely saw him in shounen or other activities.

As soon as the blog's comments opened Recivier thousands of fans where they were welcomed back to both and wished them a great trabajo.logrando achieved an approximate so nearly 3000mil messages.

message before such magnitude Shoon answer:

" Thanks for all the comments. We are full of gratitude to know that many people were waiting for us, and still continues to support us. We will read all your precious comments. "

Has not yet been clarified which company have signed, or that we will work them in the future, all we have made clear is that it will work as a team as brother

cd : AZN

[Download]{pics}NEWS - Wink Up 0710

Etto ... mmm ....

Best left of throwing my choro and here I leave the links to download the scans.

Douze !!!!!!!!

cd : Johnnys Sekai(Hanashi^_^)