F.Cuz triumphs in Taiwan!

F. Cuz has been ranked number one of many Taiwaín music charts with "Jiggy" and "No One", according to his agency's Entertainment & J CAN.

"Jiggy" won the No. 1 KKBOX's KPOP / JPOP, a famous Taiwanese music program on Wednesday.

In addition, the numbers were 1 in ezPEER, a daily list of popular Taiwanese music, under the category KPOP / JPOP with his album "No One" last week.

F. Cuz signed with the Taiwanese company Seed Music, bring Kenji conocoda by Yao I and Yao. Yao Yao has appeared in the Chinese version of MV for the song "Jiggy" by F. Cuz

cd : Cuz of You Blog