The second film will be Goo Hye Sun vampire!

The actress Goo Hye Sun is actively involved in directing work has revealed that after his first film "Magic", his next film will have a theme of vampires.

In a recent interview about his movie "Magic", Goo Hye Sun revealed saying, "I have completed the stage for my second movie a month ago." "I'm currently in the midst of making corrections."

She said, "This time I want to do something simple so I made a topic about vampires." "It will have an approximation through a simple sensitivity."
"It'll be about a young teenage girl who dies and is converted to a vampire." "Despite living with us in the world of reality, she is a vampire."

"Since she is a teenage vampire, his appearance is only a teenager and she always has an interest and she is always the first love of the person you know."

On the question that always seems to insert the "innocence" in both of his films "Magic" and the vampire who is currently preparing, she said, "Instead of wanting to go after the innocent, I want to go out with a sensitive film women just like Shun Oguri Director. " "I like that kind of work."

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