[News]SNSD DVD for NES in Japan S ♥

With next start in the promotions in Japan, SNSD will release a DVD on August 11 in which seven presented MVs of girls and a special video related to their arrival in Japan as
Under the title "Japan SNSD Arrival Arrival ~ ~ New Beginning Disc Commemoration of Girls' Generation" gather the following videos:

1 .- Into the New World
2 .- Girls' Gneration (So Nyeo Shi Dae)
3 .- Kissing You
4 .- Gee
5 .- Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
6 .- Oh!
7 .- RunDEVILRun
8 .- ~ SNSD Arrival (only available on DVD)

Although nothing is known about the prices but one thing we can say is that there will be two DVD editions, the first containing only the DVD with the videos above and a second package which will come a special edition flashlight (yes those of colors that are the concerts) and of course an entry to the first concert in Japan SNSD in Ariake Colosseum on 25 August

What better way to promote the arrival of SNSD to Japan with a special edition DVD, all S
Nintendo that Japan must prepare Shoujo Jidai (tentative name in Japanese) is coming.

cd : SNSD Mexico