[News/Download]Infinite 다시돌아와 - First Invasion ( mini album)

New Korean boyband called Infinite.aparecieron first video in the Run of Epik High, are known to be produced by none Tablo therefore belong to the company Wollims Entertainment. They are: Myung Soo (19), Sung Gyu (22, leader), Hyun Woo (20, lead vocalist), Sung Jong (18), Ho Ya (20), Sung Yeol (20) and Dong Woo (21, rapper .) His video debut yesterday
Who likes the old-school pop will find this group an interesting alternative.


01 ∞
다시 돌아와 (Come Back Again)
03 She's Back
날개 (Wings)
붙박이 (Fixed Star)

06 맡겨 (Leaved)

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cd : JK(Natsumi)