[Download] YY - Snow Song 260211

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B.I Shadow too,,

OMG Nakakennnn ur so coooooLLL,, ahahah*pLakakkkkk*..

this song is funny XDDD..

TV LIFE Yabu Kota

[Download] NYC in MJ Yumetamago ^^

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baka m.on,,

they're so kakkoiii n so funny ne,,,

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hontouuuu hontouuuuu daisukiiiiiiiiiiiiii >//////<

[Download] NYC - Hanako, TV Mag, TV Fan

kyaaaa they're so kakkkkoiiiii,,

hontou ni kawaiiii n kakkoiiii,,

hontou niiiii arigatou ne karoL (Funny Ai)



TV MAG 0311

[Download] Johnny's Wink Up 0311



Johnny's Jr. DOWNLOAD



Nakayama Yuma DOWNLOAD

[Download] HSJ - NYC -- Popolo, Myojo 0411



[Translation] HSJ - Spring Concert Messages!

[Translation] HSJ - Spring Concert Messages!

/ Chinen Yuuri
Hello! Chinen Yuuri desu
The Spring Concert is now ready
will be fun
Come! Come! Please!
The (I) hope ~ ...

Ryosuke Yamada
Hello! Here Yamada Ryosuke
Since March we will have our concert tour!
This time it's with HSJ & Boys ~ NYC
we have a concert together!
Now, they are striving, will definitely come!
have fun with us?
Every Sunday we Kakumei School ... What are watching?
Well ~ the (I) saw you in concert!
사랑해 ~ (I love you in Korean)

Morimoto Ryutaro
Hello! Morimoto Ryutaro desu!
Here some information for you all
Have a great tour ending in March
Please come ~

Keito Okamoto
News ...!
Hey aww! Say! JUMP
HSJ this spring
A tour around Japan has been confirmed
Thank you all!
Onegai fun with us!
So, the (I) see you soon!

Nakajima Yuto
A new ad! Aww!
Spring Concert is confirmed
yatta ~ (laughs)
This tour also!
Yeah ~ I'm very anxious waiting for it ~
To meet people, and their food (laughs). I will be waiting for you!

Yabu Kota
We will have a Spring Concert!
But ... we are now in the winter concert but ~
the spring concert is already confirmed, so I'm calm!
since it is a tour this time, we all agree to want a big stage!
Now I have the Dokidoki (? XD) abrade (emocionado!)
I'm waiting for the concert
will be fun to see them all ~
Waku-Waku (xD)
bye bye!

Arioka Daiki
Well ... I found it!
Hello! Daiki desu!
I have news for everyone!
Just after the last tour
and Spring have been confirmed (laughs)
This time, I go all over Japan!
So, it will be all over Japan!
We expect?

Hikaru Yaotome
Hooo-laa! Hikaru desu!
They are not fine?
then ... the concert was confirmed!
Merry together if?
I'll see you there!

Yuya Takaki
Yuya Takaki desu!
everyone is right?
Few shows!
and about this ...
concert! yeah!
This time as we will go to many places
so it will be fun
All we prepare!
then we will be at the concert!

Kei Ino
Good Morning!
Today, there is a good climate. (?)
Today, I have good news for all (you).
They want to know? ...
We will have a concert!
This time, we will go to many places ...
more than the normal

[Download] NYC PV Yumetamago Preview

kyaaaaaa NYC PV Preview >~<..

OMG they refLect reaLLy ^^..

That PV so colorfuL ^o^..

oh GOdddddd

i can't wait their singLe realese and this singLe on my hand

[INFO]Thunder (MBLAQ) visits the clubhouse 2NE1

Thunder (MBLAQ) and Dara (2NE1) showed their brotherly love in a photo posted by Dara to me2day.

On February 20, Dara wrote:
"Dog Poop 2NE1 visited the dressing room!", "Dog poop should not be confused with an insult, is a children's pet name to call her''Thunder

Dara continued:

"Sometimes when we are broadcasting the same day, I go to the clubhouse where you 'poop', but for the first time since our debut, 'dog poo' visited our dressing room!.
I was really surprised, but happy. He came and greeted us and even took pictures with Bom, CL and Minzy. So cute! So cute!

cd : kpopasian

[NEWS] Kanjani8 - Ryo New Dorama ^_^

New Dorama for Ryo-chan! :)

if, as confirmed by the Oricon, Ryo-chan is going to go out on a new drama n_n. The name still is not sure but the attempt is Inu to iu koto wo kau, Ryo Nishikido will play father

Here the news has been revealed that Nishikido Ryo of NEWS and Kanjani ∞ will make his first starring role in a Drama Series Inu to iu koto wa kau (Friday at 11:15 pm TV Asahi) from April. The main character (Ryo-chan) who lives with his family of 4 people near the tree of heaven Tokyo, carrying a repressed life at work and at home because their relationship marriage begins to crumble. It is a drama in which the lower-class family life again thanks to "Sky Tree", a dog found and adopted.

The hero (Ryo), abandoned the dream of his student days to become a musician, is responsible for the human resources department of a factory machine. Their partnership started with the pregnancy of his wife who is already a mother of 2 children and lives a life of incessant work to save the family finances.

Nishikido activity showed a brilliant actor in July with his first leading role in the movie "chonmage Purin", finally had his first starring role in this drama. The role of women in Nishikido support given to Asami Mizukawa actress who had worked with him as co-starring in the past.

"The situation Yuuji (the hero), full of their children, overlaps with that of my father," sighs Nishikido. "Shooting with animals and children is difficult, but it has been quite good! Was an advantage to have Mizukawa - san who is easy to talk, and at that stage there was no particular concern," he said confidently.

The general producer of the drama is Uchiyama Satoko who revealed the objective of the project: "I wanted to tell the story of a small miracle (the dog) that is sent to a poor family living in the center (Tokyo)."

Personal comment: It's worth a little not?? Ryo and has proved very good actor, Mizukawa Asami is the actress who appeared in Last friends as Eri, besides the will of father and work with children and a dog,

[News] Kanjani8 - New DVD 8Uppers Tour!!

yowwwwnnhhhhhhh minna,,, ^^

Limited Edition 1 (three discs)

(first record 76 minutes, 100 minutes second album, third album, 128 minutes)

¥ 6.500

Limited Edition 2 (two discs) (first 76 minutes drive, second drive 82 minutes)

¥ 5.800

Blu Ray (158 minutes)

¥ 6.800

In summary are a lot of songs like "Life me no mae no moku e,
Nakanaide boku no music, Baby Baby, Monogram, Brule, Animal Magic, Wonderful World, Misetekure, Zukkoke otokomichi, Musekinin Hero, It's my soul etc, etc and Killer Wink (only the version 1 and would bring the Blu ray, as issue 2 nop)
Well here's the news to go away little money, they are somewhat expensive but surely worth it, because they're great live.

cd : Sukiyanen