[Translation] HSJ - Spring Concert Messages!

[Translation] HSJ - Spring Concert Messages!

/ Chinen Yuuri
Hello! Chinen Yuuri desu
The Spring Concert is now ready
will be fun
Come! Come! Please!
The (I) hope ~ ...

Ryosuke Yamada
Hello! Here Yamada Ryosuke
Since March we will have our concert tour!
This time it's with HSJ & Boys ~ NYC
we have a concert together!
Now, they are striving, will definitely come!
have fun with us?
Every Sunday we Kakumei School ... What are watching?
Well ~ the (I) saw you in concert!
사랑해 ~ (I love you in Korean)

Morimoto Ryutaro
Hello! Morimoto Ryutaro desu!
Here some information for you all
Have a great tour ending in March
Please come ~

Keito Okamoto
News ...!
Hey aww! Say! JUMP
HSJ this spring
A tour around Japan has been confirmed
Thank you all!
Onegai fun with us!
So, the (I) see you soon!

Nakajima Yuto
A new ad! Aww!
Spring Concert is confirmed
yatta ~ (laughs)
This tour also!
Yeah ~ I'm very anxious waiting for it ~
To meet people, and their food (laughs). I will be waiting for you!

Yabu Kota
We will have a Spring Concert!
But ... we are now in the winter concert but ~
the spring concert is already confirmed, so I'm calm!
since it is a tour this time, we all agree to want a big stage!
Now I have the Dokidoki (? XD) abrade (emocionado!)
I'm waiting for the concert
will be fun to see them all ~
Waku-Waku (xD)
bye bye!

Arioka Daiki
Well ... I found it!
Hello! Daiki desu!
I have news for everyone!
Just after the last tour
and Spring have been confirmed (laughs)
This time, I go all over Japan!
So, it will be all over Japan!
We expect?

Hikaru Yaotome
Hooo-laa! Hikaru desu!
They are not fine?
then ... the concert was confirmed!
Merry together if?
I'll see you there!

Yuya Takaki
Yuya Takaki desu!
everyone is right?
Few shows!
and about this ...
concert! yeah!
This time as we will go to many places
so it will be fun
All we prepare!
then we will be at the concert!

Kei Ino
Good Morning!
Today, there is a good climate. (?)
Today, I have good news for all (you).
They want to know? ...
We will have a concert!
This time, we will go to many places ...
more than the normal