[News] Kanjani8 - New DVD 8Uppers Tour!!

yowwwwnnhhhhhhh minna,,, ^^

Limited Edition 1 (three discs)

(first record 76 minutes, 100 minutes second album, third album, 128 minutes)

¥ 6.500

Limited Edition 2 (two discs) (first 76 minutes drive, second drive 82 minutes)

¥ 5.800

Blu Ray (158 minutes)

¥ 6.800

In summary are a lot of songs like "Life me no mae no moku e,
Nakanaide boku no music, Baby Baby, Monogram, Brule, Animal Magic, Wonderful World, Misetekure, Zukkoke otokomichi, Musekinin Hero, It's my soul etc, etc and Killer Wink (only the version 1 and would bring the Blu ray, as issue 2 nop)
Well here's the news to go away little money, they are somewhat expensive but surely worth it, because they're great live.

cd : Sukiyanen