[Translation] Takaki Yuya - JUMPaper 130211

Hi all!
Takaki Yuya

Hmm ... Then ~ Today let's talk about different things ^^!!!!

Oh ~ have decided to have a concert!
Is scheduled to begin March 28
If he had begun two days earlier, would be my birthday! (Laughs)

In this concert, we travel to many places
Let us feel "HIGH" together!
(Kind of like [?])

~ Hmm ... something to talk about !!!??

No matter! TT ^ TT

Ah ~ Recently snowing!
Have you been outside?!
Have you played the match of snow?!

For me ~ ~ and that, too cold,
I only stayed home to watch the snow outside! (Laughs)

I relaxed at home watching the snow, and I thought ...
Last time when nevava,
if there was a snow fight, or if they were putting together a snowman ~
immediately go out.

But oh my God ~ ~ It's really cold outside!!

I still like summer!
Why does not worry the summer to come ~
Ah ~ I want to go to the beach!

Although the beach is great,
the summer of this year was organized to SUMMARY!
We again will be in the SUMMARY,
We will secure a better show than last year!

Since there is a time (before SUMMARY begins)
~ Then we can think of different types of presentations!
Please every one (o) ^ ^ espérenos summer.

As before, it was announced so that you can wait a while!

Oh, really ... I have nothing to write! (^ _ ^ U)
So ... I'll see you next time!

O-AI-NI (I love you in Chinese) ^ ^

Maybe ... there are people who do not know, which is O-AI-NI!?
Actually ... Es .. WO-AI-NI (laughs)

Yes ~ ~ means I love you!

so ... I go!

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