Yunho talks about how his girlfriend would be perfect

In the July issue of the journal Hyakka Bijin, "appears as the protagonist Yunho talking about issues related to love.

With a strong personality, so far Yunho has always been the one that governs relations.
"This time it'd be nice if someone would guide me. When I'm with friends and the staff is close it could support me, and when we are only two she will have control over me, that would be the ideal girl. "Right now he is looking for a girlfriend.

Besides, the style fashionable serious girl jeans with a shirt and tennis to have a casual look. But it could also wear a costume of a business woman that fits perfectly, it's something I like. "

The same Yunho said "For five years in that debut, this is the first time and laughed so hard in a photoshoot" Yunho in seeing the release of "Bijin Hyakka" as never before, the fan smiles that are not
may be lost.

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