Blue CN performed its first concert in Korea and pose for Vogue Girl Again

Blue CN will have its first concert in Korea in late July, which is very happy and excited to all members who hope to demonstrate through this show all their talents, like they have something to prove?.

Music FNC said: "CN Blue will have a concert called Blue Listen to the CN, which is expected to satisfy the fans on July 31 AX Hall in Seoul."

Blue NC members despite their busy schedules are very busy planning the concert, so FNC said: "Members are determined to make the concert both musically and visually perfect so they are working very hard preparing for the concert."

Blue CN have given concerts in Japan, all with great success but this will be his first concert in Korea, sales of tickets will begin on 18 for registered fans and the rest on the 28th.

Blue CN also has returned to pose for the famous Vogue magazine, which you can already see some images, the concept of the photo shoot is during the summer season, in which members pose with sleeveless shirts, necklaces, bracelets and accessories in the sample giving a fresh style of fashion.

Yong Jung Hwa said: "There is little chance of changing concepts on stage so it feels good to show a different side of fire bush in the photo shoots. I think the fans were surprised to discover that we are able to put bestial eyes. "

CN also members of Blue also said about the concert, why we are very excited: "The thought makes our hearts feel free, we're just happy to be able to make a list of our songs." The bass player Lee Jung Shin said: "I wish that our group will become a long-term group like the Rolling Stones"

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