F. Cuz succeeds in making the fans of Hong Kong / Macao go crazy for them

Last weekend (May 29) F. Cuz antendió an official press conference and a concert run by Seed Music and Hong Kong's MBA Group. your first time visiting Macau, the four members of F. Cuz was extremely excited, especially because they would meet many of the same company subaes. Even after his trial was delayed to see the performances of their sunbed. After her performance, had almost 300 fans waiting outside. F. Cuz When he left for Hong Kong the next day to promote her album, even fans who had followed them with several vehicles. F. Cuz kept his promise and have a fan meeting in Taiwan on June 28, after that F.cuz will also perform in other cities in Asia, since it will have a performance open in Singapore in late July.

F. Cuz flew to Hong Kong from Seoul, then took a boat from Hong Kong to Macao. F. Cuz I was very excited during the boat trip, almost forgetting his fatigue and stress. When performed in Macao had fans holding signs to encourage them, but there were not many. However, just as her performance ended and they were preparing to attend the after party, security guards opened the rear doors and in front of them was a sea of fans, with almost 300 people shouting "F. Cuz" to same time. F. Cuz were surprised yet excited. Thanks to the security guards who formed a human barrier between fans and Cuz F., F. Cuz the party could reach safety. However, we did not expect another round of surprises that were at the party. Many guests were asked to take pictures with F. Cuz It made them feel extremely honored to receive so much love from Macao. Even the manager of The Venetian Macao Hotel bought his album and asked for autographs. F. Cuz said they were very grateful to have so many fans who loved them.

Upon arriving back to Hong Kong by boat the next day, and had fans waiting on deck. It was the first time I witnessed the chaos F. Cuz they caused. They were surprised by the nearby contancto that fans wanted to have with them (ie, pushing), but fortunately, after asking them to calm down, the fans have finally understood that Hong Kong needed to maintain the safety distance to the celebrities. F. Cuz praised the Hong Kong fans saying they were very understanding and was very easy to communicate with them, but they really scared a little enthusiasm at first. F. Cuz also said they are anticipating their trip to Taiwan, because they have heard from staff that the Taiwanese fans are educated and are well in order. Have also been found with a few fans from the mainland during his visit to Macao and said they really want to go see the 2010 Shanghai Expo. The Chinese fans urged to F. Cuz what to visit Shanghai, and F. Cuz promised that if given the chance to visit, definitely will.

Not far from his fan meeting on June 18, F. Cuz have received an order from his manager to start a diet, so that Seed Music has had to pass the message to the fans in Taiwan, asking them to not spend the money to buy food for F. Cuz, particularly beverages like Bubble Milk Tea, which are external high in calories. F. Cuz you just want to meet and have fun with their fans during that trip. They are also planning a surprise in the fan meeting, but will only be revealed in the day. They are also waiting to choose a lucky fan can win a trip to Korea a chance to take her F. Cuz Dong Dae Moon to see, because since he debuted F. Cuz, have not been able to buy as walking around they did before. F. Cuz anticipates use the work as an excuse to buy in Dong Dae Moon.

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