[Translation] Nakajima Yuto - Potato 0910

1. What kind of person is Nakajima Yuto?
Now: The person who is always cheerful and get along well with friends easily.
But when I'm very happy, it becomes annoying.
May 2008: In general, I'm upset, but I always do my best when I'm doing something.

2. What kind of person is Yamada Ryosuke? ...
Now: The gap between maturity and childishness is intense.
May 2008: It is a trustworthy person, adulterated.

3. What kind of person is Chinen Yuuri?
Now: It has the character of the mascot of the group.
May 2008: Chii looks like a child.

4. What kind of person is Morimoto Ryutaro?
Now: The child who tries to be an adult.
May 2008: It's a golf club (laughs).

5. What kind of person is Okamoto Keito?
Now: It's a very hard worker.
May 2008: I feel like a sunflower.

6. What kind of person is Arioka Daiki?
Now: A fun and playful older brother.
May 2008: The older brother of fun.

7. What kind of person is Takaki Yuya?
Now: Erotic (laughs). He has charm as an adult.
May 2008: It seems remarkable, but firmly, honesty always all that.

8. What kind of person is Inoo Kei?
Now: The person who shows up consistently.
May 2008: You usually learn by observation.

9. What kind of person is Yaotome Hikaru?
Now: Your love is too big JUMP!
May 2008: It is very interesting (laughs).

10. What kind of person Yabu Kota?
Now: It's a stable person, but also has a children's party.
May 2008: This is the best organizer among members.

11. If you could change places for a day with another member, who would it be?
Now: Chinen. Because I want to see the world with its height (laughs).
May 2008: Yabu-kun. Because he can sing well, I go to a karaoke.

12. What do you think of JUMP?
Now: We never stop smiling.
May 2008: It seems funny, quiet, I feel relieved to get along with members.

13. Tell us the pride of a JUMP!
Now: Sure!, We have many members!
May 2008: No. My thinking is: "It's great that our hearts stay connected even though we are not every day"

14. If you had a girlfriend, does call every day?
Now: If I can, I know your number and I'll do it every day but ... my time is for work too, it may not yet have anything for my love stunned.
May 2008: No. My thinking is "It's great that our hearts stay connected even though we do not meet every day"

15. When you feel love?
Now: When I see the person with the charm of an adult.
May 2008: When I feel the charm of an adult from someone?

16. Is what you want for your future wife?
Now: I want to confide everything to make you feel home.
May 2008: For the man sometimes makes nonsense, it would be good if I can trust her.

17. What do you think about "love"?
Now: What a pure heart is necessary.
May 2008: No change "love."

18. Is your favorite part of the body?
Now: My big hand. I can take much more than others (laughs)
May 2008: Feet

19. What part of your body that you dislike?
Now: My appearance is similar to that of a weak person.
May 2008: I'm too thin.

20. Are you a romantic person? O realist?
Now: The two of them.
May 2008: Maybe I'm a bit romantic.

21. "The last BOOM?
Now: Egg Hot Spring. It is delicious when I eat it, and it is also best if you mix it with salad.
May 2008: I imitate the sound of the drum.

22. How many of you send mails in one day?
Now: About 10.
May 2008: Perhaps more than 10 a day.

23. What is it you really want now?
Now: I want to meet other people, and a close friend of JUMP all I can talk to them.
May 2008: Hey opbtenido ue what I really wanted, so I'm fine now.

24. What are you doing in your room?
Now: Vago, or maybe grab my camera and my drum.
May 2008: Sometimes, after studying, I play the drum or a nap.

25. What is it you always have to do before bedtime?
Now: Charge my phone and my gaming machine.
May 2008: kiss the cheek of my younger brother (laughs).

26. How do you express your emotions?
Now: I express all my emotions, although that is bad or good.
May 2008: I express all my emotions.

27. Which method you use to avoid stress?
Now: I play the drum, walk, do my hobby.
May 2008: Singing in the bathroom.

28. Is your room nice?
Now: Generally, it's beautiful.
May 2008: my younger brother's room is dirty, but mine is beautiful!

29. What your favorite spot in your room?
Now: Places where you sunset.
May 2008: My ceiling is the sky. My wall is full of stars and it shows when my room darkening.

30. How to illustrate your color?
Now: White, because the meaning is that he wants to become a person who can absorb several things.
May 2008: Red and Black.

31. That sentence says a lot?
Now: I've often said (OO つっ ~) OO-ttsutte ~
May 2008: "kei ~ - ~ system"

32. When do you think is cool?
Now: People often say "You're so good when playing the drum!" But I do not seem interesting, so I do not know.
May 2008: When I decided to shoot in soccer, and when I could make a jump to shoot the ball well.

33. When do you think is stupid?
Now: When I'm walking, I feel that someone wants to attack me
May 2008: Once long ago, I had errors in a speech ...

34. What is it you always have to do before the concert?
Now I am doing poses like 3 times so that the fighting spirit to come into my body.
Those things have been verified efectivamenta scientific experiments.
May 2008: Guts pose three times.

35. Do you feel nervous before the concert?
Now, I feel that at all times. Because I believe that now is not practiced well.
May 2008: I feel very nervous on the first day and first day despuésdel.

36. Do you have any object that is treasured?
Now: In recent days, I received Sunglasses member TOKYO, Matsuoka-kun.
Always be my treasured item.
May 2008: Yes, there are. These are the things I got for my birthday.

37. What is the location you want to go to honeymoon?
Now: Standart, Hawaii.
May 2008: A New York.

38. How many children do you want in the future?
Now: 2 children. A boy and a girl.
May 2008: About two children.

39. What kind of adult who wants to be?
Now: Let me be the person who knows everything, the person who does not follow the people around only. I want to be the person who does not forget his child's heart as well.
May 2008: I want to be able to do whatever, and become an adult who may have a good relationship with my children.

40. What word means to you in 8 years later?
Now: Are you in good health?
May 2008: Is it OK!?

Comment by Nakajima Yuuto
I am surprised they are not the answer to many and two years ago! It happens that when I came to the answer of the question "When you feel the love?". My preferences and tastes have not changed (laughs). So my answer as "Do three times poses to handle the nerves is really effective, so I recommend everyone do that!

May 2008
Height: 170 cm / Weight: 47.8 kg

Height: 178 cm / Weight: 56.5 kg

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Translated : Asian Lover'Z ^ Yuki_Ryosuke