[Translation] Nakajima Yuto - Part Waiwai

1) What is your favorite moment in Waiwai Hey! Say! JUMP?
Somehow, all the scenes where he appears Chii. Because it is small and cute is perfect with everything he does. It makes me jealous! I want to cause some problems from time to time and be the one who makes people laugh in the sleeve, too.

2) If you had a girlfriend that kind of person would it be?
A person with the same values with me. Treasured his family, exchanging greetings are properly the things that are important to me and I guess it will be good if my girlfriend's treasures as well. The ideal place to meet her, eh? .. Walking with our dogs will be friendly and then their owners too ... It would be a good development (the relationship), I suppose? (Laughter)

3) If it is a day where would you go?
It will be a good decision to go swimming if it is summer, or perhaps when I become an adult I'll drive to a girl there and will be good also if the two different things we can talk about enjoying the night view of sea ... Well, actually, I like to make too much noise, so even when I become an adult will go to an amusement park, after all!

4) What is the place where the majority think?
A forest. A long time ago me and my friends we made there a secret base. We were playing Tarzan, chasing wild rabbits. We also met a lot of bamboo shoots and raspberries, for what seemed like a dream place for children, right?

5) What a gift you've received from other members has made you happiest?
What I received for my birthday Keito is a speaker for portable music playback. As I wanted, I was happy to receive it. When I hear music in my room I always use!

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Translated : Asian Lover'Z ^ Yuki_Ryosuke