THE ALWAYS tomorrow's KAT-TUN!

THE ALWAYS tomorrow's KAT-TUN!

E returned with much more energy after my vacation but unfortunately not such good news I bring and I know that perhaps many of you have heard about the possible separation of Jin of KAT-TUN.
But those who have not yet been entered, the 17th of this month before the first concert of KAT-TUN in tokyo dome gave a press conference where this was what was said:

In the press conference Kame said, "We apologize to the fans worried. But definitely no disbanding or separation, are quiet."
Koki also said "We will not let that happen."

When Kame asked, "Will there be a connection (Akanishi) for concerts?", Said "We know nothing of it. Are you in Japan right now?"

The five said they supported the activities of Jin alone. Kame also said "I heard that the concerts were a success, as has always been the desire and the intention of Akanishi, it's great. I think at this point, have them join the activities of KAT-TUN would be ridiculous . Both solo activities such as membership, are equally important to us. "

It seems that Johnny also went to the press conference to talk about Jin. According to him, more activities are planned for Jin in the U.S. for next year, so there are no plans to re-Jin KAT-TUN for now.
But if he decides to leave Jin KAT-TUN or not, will be announced after their fall concerts.

Johnny said "I'm not only thinking about the success of Jin in the U.S.. It would be nice if you mimase saying 'KAT-TUN again if you fail in America." All I can do for him is to support all you want to do in the U.S.

Beyond that also said that if Jin decides to leave the group as the group's name is an acronym for the initials of each family name would be extended in serious Kame and KAT-TUN (Kamenashi KA).

And apparently the next day's concert singing "PROMISE SONG" Koki could not stand and began to mourn without being able to sing their part and that term Ueda crying too, and like Kame had little teary-eyed during the MC and although Jin never mentioned to him that asked the public to support more than ever, we are finishing with three KAT-TUN.

I truth no matter what KAT-TUN will always be my favorite band and why I will stop supporting any of them because as I said before each person is special and you can not replace.

And remember that Jin did not say anything yet and it said it would be the first to say if the group would so nothing is written. So alas never to lose hope that this is a more chime.


Translated : Yuki_Ryosuke