SHINee 2nd album With Super Junior

With second album SHINee [With parts SJ]

1.Onew: KyuHyun hyung ...
not get sick

2.Jonghyun: Miinah Kyuhyun hyung, please hold me again!

3.Minho: SuperJunior accompanied me to grow from a young age!
With this generation, the true leader, my teacher Teuke hyung ~ ~ you are the best!
Heenim which is what my talent approves
Heechul hyung ~ ~
Yesung hyung that has the same heart just as Fergus jajaja
The vitality that brings everyone to congratulate Shindong hyung ~!
The powerful Hyung

~ Suju Sungmin
Ryeowook hyung is very thin
The best dancer who love and mourn much and filial ~ Eunhyuk hyung .. Do not forget the promise you, right?

Gradually become a line is the line represented by Kyuhyun kyu, I really want to line kyu, hyung hyung ~ Do not get sick!

Siwon hyung is what brings me to my way (future) I'm sure to follow hyung ~
Always be my good hyung and good friend, his charisma and perfection.

cd : Asia is Love♥