[Translation] Chinen Yuuri Part - Wai Wai HSJ Manga & Appearance

1 Daiki is to appear in
天才 つくる! ガリ レオ (Tsukuru wo Tensai! Galileo Nouken) the 7.31 is, this Saturday = D!
Then, the 2nd is Daiki again with Hikaru who will be in
ぐるぐる ナインティナイン (Guru Guru 99) on 5 August which falls on a Thursday ^ ^.

• Translation Part Chinen Yuuri Wai Wai!

1) What is your favorite moment in the HSJ Waiwai Manga? "
It is in 13th chapter when Yuto-kun and I came up with our duet "You & You". Actually, I was very happy to learn that showed that part of the concert in the manga!

2) If you had a girlfriend that personality be?
A happy person. It means that in a certain date we will go to an amusement park, ne? Even though I do not like those machines where you shout me a happy person can be encouraged to do so "going to make our anecdote go for it!" Would be great ... Since I am usually a person who talks a lot, if it is a quiet girl, is like I am the only one who is excited during our conversation. So much so that one person can make a more cheerful conversation if it is well to lively!

3) If it's a time Where would you go? A Kyoto. There is no particular reason for this is just a sudden decision. (Laughter) But it seems it would be great to go to a faraway place. Paraproba I can get on Shinkansen ... That means, the Kyoto Protocol for sure? (Laughs) As long as the Shinkansen eat lunch and shop in the station, I want to be a carefree time. 4) What is the place crowded setting? Tokyo Dome. Because it is the place where the first national JUMP debut and is also a place that was to see my senpais, I think that's plenty.

5) What a gift you've received from other members has made you happiest?
It is a belt that I received from Yuya. About a year ago I said: "I want a belt for me ~ choo" And Yuya replied: "Then I'll give it to you!" And I was very happy to use the belt he gave me and I treasure so far.

cd : HSJ [ ♥ Funny Ai ♥ ] & Asian Lover'Z

Translated : Yuki_Ryosuke