Kat-Tun~The yarakashi attack again ...

This is disappointing news but we know some Asians are so
> __< not in general but almost all Asian fans are wacky and sorry if I offend anyone but I am very angry q! Read and know that:

The yarakashi attack again ...

Apparently one of the KAT-TUN concert, a fan of Jin began to target with a laser to Kame trying to give in one eye, which is a bit dangerous. But it was not unique. There were also several yarakashis ("fans" who attack their idols, idols or dislikes) with insulting uchiwa KAT-TUN.
And it seems they are planning several attacks for the last concert of the Tokyo Dome.

The reason for this is that it seems they are pissed off K
AT-TUN concerts done without Jin.

And I say, whether to be angry with someone would be with Jin that is what is gone. Besides, I have to remind you that the KAT-TUN concerts have been planning since October and Jin since February?
It's amazing what idiots they can become some "fans" ...

I agree with the latest! So I understand they are angry because its only the KAT-TUN Jin but no the children are not to blame! Things are this way and in any case Jinjin serious fault for neglecting to kat-tun from his film> __ <

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Translated : Yuki_Ryosuke