[Translation] Yamada Ryosuke - Potato 0710

A winters confession is impossible for me now? If I had to make a confession to someone who I like, I'd go home, and say "I like you!" And immediately I will turn around and walk back (laughs). When you say that, I will be really able to articulate my feelings, but to hear a response on the ground is really shameful and impossible for me. So it is better for me to tell the person that day, and receive a response the next day at school. A sentence of confession is not too simple? Then I would say "I love you." Ah, that's Takuya Kimura in the sequence of a dorama (laughs). But I can not say words so cools ~.

To my opinion, is unlikely to make friends with them and then go ahead. For starters, I'm not the type to make friendships between men and women. Of course I know there are things I would like someone to me not Know, but when we met and talked a bit, if I have a good feeling with that person, then I think I will start liking her. Within a short time, it's time where people are shown as ne?. Indeed, the feeling of "I want to love someone is ... not really very strong. Because fun with the kids at school and with JUMP is fun, so I'm in the "To hell with love or whatever ne. Ah, but when you borrow my older sister a Shoujo manga and read that there are times when I think "It will be great to love someone so ~ ne (laughs).

For those concerts, no matter where we go, I know it will be fun and at all stages of the leaves will have a deep impression on me. I will enjoy every show and give it my best. Being able to announce our record, I was really happy. Having to be able to help write some of the lyrics of the album is very difficult! But in making the melody was very fun, and really felt it was worth. I want to write more letters from now they will have my character.

cd : Hey! Say! Jump! [ ♥ Funny Ai ♥ ]

Translated : Yuki_Ryosuke (Staff)