[NEWS] Lawyers give possible solution to the conflict DBSK - SME

It all starts when three members of DBSK raise a lawsuit against your company's EMS to suspend the exclusive contract and asking for 3 billion for compensation. But SM continuing firm in his position to avoid the problem.

Park Chan Chong's lawyer said "Many people abroad understand that DBSK is a cultural heritage of our country that should be nurtured and protected. And since the demand arose between DBSK and SM, DBSK can not continue with their normal activities, causing great losses to the country. "He is very worried. Also, Park Chan Chong lawyer expressed his views on this issue "Based on the terms of the contract between the group of boys and SM, terminate the contract is impossible.
But if slavery is an illegal contract and this contract was signed when the members of DBSK had 19 children, according to the law, they could sue MS for using teenagers to "illegal profits" and also for fraud. "

In July 2009, three members of DBSK lifted an injunction against SM and SM while the trio raise a demand to pay 2.2 billion won in compensation. After the June 28, 2010 the trio called for a one billion won each in compensation from SM.

For the best end to this, the lawyer give three solutions.

1 .- Stop all work the trio and the two members are doing individually, the five members back to work together as before.
2 .- The largest conflict that is SM, SM has to give.
3 .- If the contract is illegal or not, this must be determined by the court

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