[News] T-ara change of leader.

On day 16, T-ara had two major changes. The first is to hire the seventh member, Ryu Hwayoung, and second, the swtich to Boram Eunjung leaders.

The T-ara agency Core Contents Media announced that Hwayoung Ryu is the newest member and a Eunjung Boram replaced as the leader of the group.

A representative of Core Contents Media, told Stars News during a phone call, "Once a year, leaders rotate, as happened last year with the Jiae / Eunjung. Has been a year and it is time to happen again. "
The representative also said, "The choice to replace the leaders was a choice made by T-ara. They believe it is a good way to T o be able to grow as a group in a new direction."

Meanwhile, Jiyeon works in the movie "Death Bell 2" due out this summer, Eunjung drama "Coffee House" Hyomin being transmitted and is preparing for his drama, "My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox "

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