All Hey! Say! JUMP appeared today in the concert of Kat-Tun.
For now I have only a summary of what happened.

Takaki - Kame got a picture to fit into the picture as JUMP and then go with joyful songs Takaki.

Chinen - Kame hugged him, continuing to talk about how small he is.

Yuto - While the other side of Kame, is compared to Chinen and Yuto Kame said that when he played with his little brother he was muyyy small (and made him bend down, when he rose again, was still higher than Kame then Kame began sauce. Cx)

Yabu - They talked about how the voice of Yabu-chibi used to be in the old songs, and spoke of his jeans torn.

Yamada - I think one of the types of KAT-TUN was to take his shirt!
xD And another conversation about Hidarime etc.

Hikaru-KAT-TUN not commented on it and talked, some comparisons with Maru.

Keito - KAT-TUN mentioned Keito's dad, and Keito conversation as if he were the father of course, would say about feeding them at home and so on.

Daiki - Ehmm ... I do not remember? xD I hitch is that his laugh! Aww * o *

Ryutaro - The boys talked about it afterwards, it was presented as one of the youngest and will be discussed in Playzone Shintaro.

Inoo - Kame took the hair right Inoo with xD, and Inoo did as a saying like he always looked at Kame and Kame who was looking all cute XD.

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