[Translation] HSJ Ranking - Potato 0610

The person more forgetful:

First Yaotome Hikaru (5 votes)
Yabu: Many times, he does not know the meanings of different words. Screws up at least 5, 6 times a day.
Inoo: read some kanji wrong and on top of that, he bragged about how he could say those kanji too! The whole time he was reading wrong.
Morimoto: You know a lot of meanings that are completely different from the real meaning. Besides, he does not realize.
Chinen: Sometimes, doing things that makes you think, "What the hell are you doing?"
Nakajima: Exactly what he said Chinen! (Laughter). Some of these activities completely caught me off guard.

Secondly: Okamoto Keito (2 votes)
Yamada: Keito acts exactly like what everyone thinks of him. It is "THE Airhead." If you talk to him, you will discover how early afternoon.
Takaki: Just watch! (Laughter). He is a complete airhead.

Third: Morimoto Ryutaro (1 vote)
Yaotome: As we continue talking to him, the point of the conversation is all over the place. But the person does not realize Ryutaro.

Third: Yamada Ryosuke (1 vote)
Okamoto: As I speak with him, there are plenty of times when I think, "Oh, this guy is like an airhead." But it's kinda cute.

Third: Yabu Kota (1 vote)
Arioka: While we were eating, mistook the paper plate as bread and tried to eat it (laughs).

• The most sexy is still a middle schooler ...

Morimoto: Eeh, why I am the most sexy? I can not believe this (laughs). ... But I'm glad you chose me. Not I. I'm so sexy Although I am ashamed, I do not feel too bad. But I did not choose the clothes I wear, my mother has chosen. You mean you've won because of my mom!?

The most sexy:

First: Morimoto Ryutaro (4 votes) 4eva lol-ing
Okamoto: normal clothes he wears, like a scarf shirt jacket can be classified into sensuality grandfather.
Takaki: Recently, it has become reality as an adult! He suddenly carrying around bags of expensive (laughs).
Yabu: The words you choose in the conversation has become more sexy. It has grown from a boy to a man.
Arioka clothing that has lately are very sexy. It seems to smell much.

Second: Takaki Yuya (2 votes)
Yamada: I think, is "if you say sexy, I say Takaki-kun."
Morimoto: Her face and aura of sensuality is a block (laughs).

Third: Yamada Ryosuke (1 vote)
Chinen: When wearing shirts with buttons, not the button all the way, perhaps only half way but it is very sexy!

Third Yaotome Hikaru (1 vote)
Nakajima: "Today, just in front of me, he took off his shirt and showed me the clavicle (laughs).

Third: Arioka Daiki (1 vote)
Inoo: The poses that makes the magazine scans are surprisingly sexy ~

Although it looks good, actually ...
Yaotome: I never knew I would get the 1st place ... But since I got 5 votes, I guess that means I'm first (laughs). I shall keep to my bewilderment over air like a funny face! The kanji Inoochan was talking about, and I used that mistake as the basis of my jokes (laughs).

cd : Hey! Say! Jump! [ ♥ Funny Ai ♥ ]

Translated : Yuki_Ryosuke(Staff)