[Translation] Kei Ino - Duet 0710

I've been abroad three times, for the first time Daiches and the other to Hawaii. The Kitty is the second time to Las Vegas. The third time's when I was in my second year of high school in the spring, I went on a study trip abroad to Australia. From Sydney, the car journey took two hours, the surroundings were full of forests and grasslands, a stay at home in a more rural area. After the exchange with people who speak different languages is ne interesting.

With the person who came before me, we played basketball, games and songs I listened to the Japanese and Australian. And after that, the place I would like the next visit is Europe. I meander around Barcelona and Maerchen Germany (story) ne streets. I want to see on the streets beautiful urban landscape, the historical city revered and building bridges and just meander around. In college, learned about the Western construction I think is really interesting. I want to go with the members of JUMP, but if they are not really interested in building and such, I go with my college friends?!

If you ever do a world tour, it would be good if the first is Asia. There are fans in Korea or Taiwan to come to our concert in Japan, there are also people who study Japanese and sent letters. Ah, is not just in Asia, at our concert, when I saw "I came from Switzerland uchiwa s" ', I thought it was really impressive. Knowing that there are other people who are not Japanese who are interested in us really makes me happy ne.

This time the [SUMMARY], will be the right 50? Increasingly, it seems that I messed ne. The recent concert, I Yabu corners and it was fun, an example could be that I am the only one who can touch the piano, but the song and the special sound of a singer like today (laughs) The previous summary I did it too, I think that the unity of every ten people is very different, so do not know if this will lead to more close or become a [Shut up guys!] or that sort of thing (laughs).
And then our first album is coming out ~ na. There are a number of songs inside. I want people which are not very familiar with JUMP can hear the album as well.

cd : Hey! Say! Jump! [ ♥ Funny Ai ♥ ]

Translated : Yuki_Ryosuke(Staff)