[News RUMOR] Tegoshi with new love?

(1) "Member of AKB48 Kojima Haruna, wrote the word" Tegoshi "in Twitter. Although she immediately removed, his followers 45.000 [on twitter] were already overflowing with curiosity.

One of the reasons why people have gone mad after this tweet, it is because we had previously been rumored that Haruna had appointments with Tegoshi Yuya.
There are many "threads" on this subject in '2 Channel '(the forum on the Internet in Japan), people now is what the tweeter desifrar [written by Haruna] wanted to say. Some people assume that Haruna was confirming rumors of their appointments with Tegoshi Yuya.

Haruna has not spoken on this tweet officially yet. "

And then ... she tries to clarify the matter ...

(2) "In today's concert, Kojima Haruna has answered questions from fans in their very specific and incriminating tweet containing Tegoshi's name - and nothing else. She explained that she was in your tweet to reply to a friend, but got it wrong. The tweet was trying to answer his friend friend said that the new CM of Tegoshi is cool.

In their statements at the same concert she has even said that there is no truth to the rumors about a possible relationship with Tegoshi Yuya. Some people in Japan have considered this statement as true and as background hann who just wants to gain fame Haruna building on previous rumors and why he wrote the name on your twitter Tegoshi ... "

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