[News] Accidents on the first day of the SUMMARY

So girls, and was the first presentation of the SUMMARY and already had accidents, but nothing to worry about, here is the info: D

"Apparently it was not the best start for this summary, the core members made mistakes, but no care. Yamada erred in its action where you have to walk a tightrope. Chinen missed his show jumps in the Flying Circus Air Swing ent is that China is going to dizziness and even vomiting, but all is well, both Yamada and Chinen are well. Still, the rest of the show continued with minor flaws. "

Source: ameblo

"Chinen was silent flight swing, fortunately has no injury.
Yamada was crying while saying "I love you all"
And Yabu said: "We have some problems, but we are all happy to see you smile at all during the show and that makes me feel relieved."

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Translated : Yuki_Ryosuke