[Translation] Yamada Ryosuke - Potato NYC 0710

When leaving the clubhouse How are outside?
I used to be the kind of interact with people I know, but now I can finally talk to other people for the first time. I really got along well with colleagues working in dramas. That's one of the things that emerged from that ... Guess? But because I'm still very bad for the concert talks, first I would like to improve that.

By which reason you would remove the skin? [Yes, that thing as saying you would win or something.]
I'm not the type that moves according to their conscience, making it a little difficult .... When I'm with my grandparents I have a feeling more relaxed around, and the feeling of "I want to give you what you want 'ne. Also, in the children's day, we had a concert and had a very young child, so I said' Let's to play rock, paper, scissors, and if you win, I'll give my statue of eel "and he won at the end (laughs). But for the sake of the child, I lost to him. He seemed very happy, so I was very happy ... And somehow this seems like a little talk (laughs).

"You train for your body?
No ~. Everyone around me is thin! but, as if I'm really fond of, then it will be rare. But since the "SUMMARY 2010" is giving during the summer, the muscles will also be trained out (laughs).

Is it right that girls show more skin in summer?
I think it's better for them not to wear revealing clothing. What can you do with your skin if it shows so much?! (Laughs) Even within me, when I think mini-skirts, "I hate it," but I'm bad at saying it out loud ~. From the past I've always liked 'clear' modes (Modes simple or normal). Although I have said all this is just my own opinion. I think it's still better if you dress as you like.

When entering a bathroom, do you take off your clothes from the top or bottom?
I took the above. Ah, but if it is the school uniform, will be from his pants. Because the jacket will be up and long sleeves, so I'll take off my pants first and then having the feeling of having only jacket (laughs). That is the best way ne.