[Translation]Hey!Say!7 - Myojo 0910

• Chinen Yuuri

Number the back of the player: 8
Players: Chinen Yuuri
Height & Weight: 158 cm/43 kg
Position: Koakuma (little devil) and Crime (Note: Because it is small, agile, and like to make a wrong action, so that others called Koakuma)
Strengths: blow body (yellow action)
Dance 3-16 years
7-10 Football

Review for Player
Honestly, today, China did not eat breakfast in the morning. Its characteristic is that it has a quick brain, and he can decide what to do with his jump shot kill Superman. (Comment Nakajima)

His enthusiasm before the game
Naturally, the team will win seven, of course! On the other hand, there Keito on our team (laughs). Because Keito is good at any game of ball. I feel relieved if I pass the ball to Keito. So with my knack 'foul, I will remove the ball opponent! Huh? If I have made 5 times of need, I would be out? I do not know about the rules .. No, I have to play well.

• Nakajima Yuuto

Number the back of the player: 7
Player: Nakajima Yuuto
Height & Weight: 178 cm/57 kg
Position: Section Tenacity
Strong point: Mr. Monkey Shoot! (Lay-out raises the shot, shoot from the opposite side of the stadium!)
Sports Background:
6-10 years of Karate (Level 4, Correa Morada)
16 years old Riding (Level 5)

Player review
We have 100% winning percentage to make use of his tall to jump! Because we can stand to defend immediately, the feeling of oppression is like Mt. Fuji. (Comment Yamada)

His enthusiasm before the game
Honestly, I do not bounce the ball skilfully, but I have confidence on the set of balls. Prior to that, as time for physical education, playing basket. Just after the match began, I hit three-point shooting right away. "I can shoot well! I am a download too much (laughs). Also today, I want to show that play super again, I will do my best with all my heart!

• Yamada Ryosuke

Number the back of the player: 6
Player: Ryosuke Yamada
Height & Weight: 164 cm/56 kg
Position: Asekkaki Ouji (Prince of sweat Grande)
Strengths: You can quickly read
Football 9-13 years

Review for Player
He likes football, and reached the influence of the World Cup, has experience in the sport! There are established view that said it can move with ease, is adult-game-like. (Okamoto Comment)

His enthusiasm before the game
Recently, I played basket in the school where physical education lesson, but I'm weak in the basket (laughs). If I shoot, never enters the basket, and I can not throw the ball good ... Because in football I used to use the foot, so shopping is still difficult for me. Although I think it would be easier to use hand. But today, I will use the knowledge I learned in football to move and run around the basket on the court.

• Okamoto Keito

Back Number of Players: 4
Player: Okamoto Keito
Height & Weight: 175 cm/64 kg
Position: The man with the system of England, Knight of Stamina
Strong points: Impose compensation slam dunk
from Beginners - 12 years of Karate
6-12 Football
11-14 years (when he studied in England), Tennis, Hockey, Cricket, Rugby

Player Review
Its balance of the body is turned into something wonderful with her hair aside. However, in motion, while adjusting the balance is important. (Morimoto Comment)

His enthusiasm before the game
I think he won a fight in July basket and when we won the football game too! Moreover, it was Team 7 middle and senior high school students' active, we always do sport regularly in gym class or on holiday. In the case of BEST, of course, are often played with the ball, right? But rather than simply winning or losing something, I'm really happy can have a party with 10 members of JUMP ~

• Morimoto Ryutaro

Number the back of the player: 5
Player: Morimoto Ryutaro
Height & Weight: 168 cm/53 kg
Position: Man of provocation
Strong Points: 10% chance to shoot 3 points
3-4 years of Football
Swimming 3-9
3-11 years of Karate

Review for Player
This man is neither ON or OFF. Although he stands in court, right next to you?. However, its ability to hide is great! His power can break out of the bottom, is something worth seeing. (Comment Chinen)

His enthusiasm before the game
I'm going to play serious defense. I'm going to defend every ball the opponent in front of me. Above all, I have to pay attention to the person who looks good in the basket as Takaki-kun kun and Hikaru. Maybe I'm mostly not join the attack time. Because there Keito-kun, a large basket on the team in July. Then, there Yuuto with his tall, Yamachan that can move quickly, Chinen-kun, you can do anything. Thus, the attack time is no problem.

cd : HSJ[ ♥ Funny Ai ♥ ]

Translated : Chibi^Kana^Chii^