(News) Minho injured, postponed his return?

Minho of SHINee member is injured, but is recovering well, but his current condition is not known whether he may be on stage on the return of SHINee.

Minho was injured during the filming of KBS "Let's Go!" Dream Team 2 "on the seventh, which delayed the original date of return from 16 to 23.Las SHINee hospital tests revealed that Minho has torn calf muscle right lacondición of Minho has improved substantially, but if you dance the 23 remains to be seen.

His agent said on the 20th, "At this point Minho is recovering well, with rest and treatment. However, it is still unclear if it can act on stage on day 23. The choreography is brilliant and has many different movements and Minho can dance if you still need further investigation. "

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