Hangeng thanked his fans in concert….

On July 17, Hangeng individual had his first concert in Beijing, after leaving the group, had its renaissance to appear with your angel costume in the beginning, showing us his dancing skills, he also sang some songs from her album as well as some covers. The song 'Under a vast sky', it seems like their feelings of bidding farewell to his past life, and during his performance de'Starry Mood ', which even received a blessing from the original singer Jay Chou. With the support of their fans, Hangeng burst into tears in the chorus of the last song and thanked his fans.

Besides showing off is dancing skills, he never forgot the song Hangeng. He not only brought us new songs from her new album as a warm and inspiring song 'Because of Dream', 'Holding onto the Umbrella', which had a Chinese style and expressive song "Say No".

as final chorus of a tear, Hangeng cried and thanked his fans for their support

As a major decision after his leave, this concert is very important to Hangeng, and this decision has gained much support from the fans. "The concert hall was full, there were many fans, so those who could not buy the tickets, were outside the stadium waiting for the show to end. During the concert, every little action Hangeng made the fans were shouting, when the video was played, everyone started screaming "Hangeng Hwaiting!" And when fans saw sweating Hangeng while dancing, shouting "get some rest first."

The last song of the concert was "Wings of Love ', and at first he said: I have not sung this song with you, we will all sing!" But then after singing a phrase, few, began tearing up Hangeng cheerful, kneeling and drying her tears, and finally, agradececiendo his fans crying, screaming "I love all ustedess!." Most fans were not ready to leave, until the workers left, announcing the end of the concert.

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