KBS - Music Bank 10.04.1930 !!!!!

Regrso official what most people in the kpop apasianada was waiting ... Music bank was transmitted today! ... out the list of artists presented in this program dedicated to k-charts!.

** Comeback Stages **

Secret “Magic”

Rain “Love Song / 널 붙잡을 노래 + Hip Song”

2PM “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop + Without U”

Hyori “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang + Want me Back”

** Today’s Music Bank! **

Gil HakMi “Super Soul”

F.Cuz “No One”

Chung Lim “Face”

Paige “Don’t Know Love / 사란을 몰라”

Yoo SeungChan “Chemistry”

Jerry feat. Jewelry Ha JooYeon “Going to Love / 사랑한다”

ZE:A “All Day Long / 하루 종일”

After School “Bang!”

Norazo “Help Me / 구해줘”

2AM “I Did Wrong / 잘못했어”

Soya (Kim Jong Kook’s niece) N Sun “Smiling Goodbye / 웃으며 안녕”

U-Kiss “What did you say? / 뭐라고”

K-Will “Present / 선물”

JJ “More and More / 점점 더”

SNSD “Oh + Run Devil Run”

The program starts at 6:00 pm KST schedule for the TV network KBS and lasts approx. 1 ½ hours!.

Cd: (Doramaniacas) ShiBang Kper