[News] The 1st single from Hey! Say! JUMP will be released this summer

There are times that we should not believe what the newspapers say, however this is not one of them. The news the world has turned up on Twitter people to comment:). Hey! Say! JUMP said in an interview before the concert in Yokohama Arena the release of their 1st album for this year, and nothing like reading the news from Japan.

4''was announced that Hey! Say! JUMP will release their first album this summer. They are in the middle of national tour announced it at Yokohama Arena. JUMP debuted in November 2007, and although they are 5 simple sale had not taken any albums. Yabu Kota (20) said''gave me chills when fans showed their happiness,''then the fans will show their excitement.

On 19 July,''the entertainment show''SUMMARY start with the main JUMP and the 200 other Jhonnys Jrs. Yuya Takaki (20) said
''I want to show a different character 'and members discussed him as saying''it is probably hot summer, why do not you become a diaper? and Takaki said ... perhaps foolishly''That happens.''attracted 90.00 persons Yokohama Arena, the show itself began on May 2nd and ending in Todayon. His national tour will take place in 14 different places, and is expected to attract 213.000.''

credits : heysayjumpsite